From Dirt to Gold: A Journey Through Darkness to LightFrom Dirt to Gold: A Journey Through Darkness to Light by Tristesse Genevieve

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How many times do we spend hours thinking about how happy we would like to be one day? Or when we will find true love? Two simple questions that all of us have asked to ourselves when we can't sleep at night cause of unhappiness, or loneliness or because we don't feel loved.

Happiness and love...Two words that lead our lives, that take us through so many different paths and journeys, even those of pain and sadness.

In this beautifully written poetry book, Tristesse takes us through her personal journey, from when everything was sad and dark, to a new path, a new image of herself and a rebirth.

She uses powerful verses, touching ones that made me identify myself with her and also remember what is that make us write and give a voice to the feelings that sometimes want to remain hidden, like rocks in the bottom of the sea. A strength that comes from our guts and can only come out if we are brave enough to let them out.

This is a highly recommended book. I liked it a lot, even though it took me to some places I thought I was never going to visit again. It was good to see my experiences are also shared by others.

Thank you, Tristesse for a beautiful journey.

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no title

No sé bien quién eres hoy
de dónde llegas a diario
a dónde llegas

No sé si esos zapatos gastados
sucios de cemento
son tuyos
o si son sólo una fotografía

Me dices monosílabos
no entiendo bien a dónde quieres ir
si la noche sigue siendo tu motivo
o si el alcohol ha terminado de
inundar tus venas
con la heroína que a veces te inyectas

- sólo los jueves por la noche
si es que alguien tiene, te engañas

No sé si vistes tu piel de jaguar
o si te has convertido en polvo

No puedo saber
[no tengo forma de saber
si hoy sigues vivo
si sales a jugar con la luna
en tu jardín de tréboles incompletos

o si alguna mala yerba te ha consumido

Estar lejos es perderse de
todos estos detalles
de las respuestas a estas ansiedades

Estar lejos no se entiende
y todo se confunde entre
recuerdos inútiles de
épocas que están archivadas ya en
mi pasado que es ahora ajeno
y se narra en otro idioma

No sé dónde estás o
si el jerez de esa botella que
compartimos justamente detrás de
nuestro sueños prohibidos
sigue intacto

Cuándo cambia la luna llena?